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[st_slide_testimonial effect=”backSlide” st_speed=”10″ is_form=”no” is_bgr=”no” items_per_row=”” navigation=”false” opacity=”0″][st_testimonial_item st_name=”John and Jo Andrews” st_desc=”With very sincere thanks for a quite excellent tour, plus with very best wishes!” st_sub=”Naturetrek’s Wild Portugal 2017 tour”][st_testimonial_item st_name=”Chris & Anna Davis” st_sub=”Naturetrek’s Wild Portugal 2017 tour” st_desc=”A really great holiday. We very much appreciated your willing sharing your knowledge and expertise, and your patience. We were very impressed by the Faia Brava project and will follow it online.”][/st_slide_testimonial]


Zêzere Glacier Valley - Estrela Mountain
Mediterranean scrub
Red Kite

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